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                            is a female

community-powered marketplace.

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Where members can buy and sell clothing and accessories.


SECOND FIT empowers our community to ask for help to find certain items endorsing the circular fashion movement. While receiving brand partner rewards in a safe environment.  


SECOND FIT is a marketplace for change.


To be the one clothing 

App everyone female

wants and needs. 

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81 percent of clothing brought for an event is worn less than 4 times


To be the number one community App

where women feel empowered and

safe to list preloved items. 

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On average annually their is enough textile waste to fill Sydney Harbour

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SECOND FIT believes there are 100 million pieces of clothing waiting

to find a second fit.

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Only 15 percent of clothing is

recycled or donated

Design & Display

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Buy, Sell & Ask
Be a part of a community
creating sustainable Cha

Share your Shop
Tell the girls on other social channels what's for sale.

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Ask the SF community
Find the item you've been searching

for ask Australia-Wide.

Receive rewards

From Australian ethical female empowering brands!  

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